Customer care

Guided by customer needs, Gazprom Neft is always willing to go the extra mile and take higher commitments in product quality and environmental safety as well as social responsibility across the entire value chain: from wellhead to forecourt.

Product quality assurance

A well-designed quality management system is a prerequisite for the successful operation of an oil company.

Gazprom Neft enterprises have adopted quality management policies to produce and sell competitive products that comply with Russian and international standards and regulations and meet consumer requirements.

Integrated quality management system

Gazprom Neft enterprises have in place an ISO 9001-compliant integrated quality management system (IQMS).

IQMS performance is analysed and evaluated annually by the heads of the company’s production and sales subsidiaries. This involves regularly monitoring performance, making improvements to the IQMS, as well as internal and external audits, including some by an independent certification body. We continually seek out new approaches to quality management by applying best practice benchmarks from our Russian and foreign peers.

Quality control of petroleum products

The quality of petroleum products is monitored by the company’s research centres and testing laboratories throughout the entire production and sales cycle.

Product-quality compliance with relevant Russian and companyspecific standards (GOST, STO or TU) is supported by relevant certificates.

Share of environmentally friendly products in total sales between 2016 and 2020 (%)
Product 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Euro 5 motor fuels 100 100 100 100 100
Euro 4+ motor oils 25 26 27 32 32
Low-viscosity marine fuel, ultra-low sulphur fuel oil (ULSFO) 0.1, VLSFO 0.5 23 26 26 30 93
Digital solution — Gazprom Neft Neftekontrol

The integrated digital system Gazprom Neft Neftekontrol gathers data about the quality and quantity of petroleum products throughout the process — from refineries to delivery to end consumers. In 2020, the company connected all its refineries, distribution depots and filling stations as well as airport refuelling complexes within its footprint to this system. Big-data predictive analytics enable the system to detect and manage process deviations — anytime, anywhere.

A more than a twofold decrease in the number of critical and systematic deviations over 2020 delivered through the Neftekontrol system has made product output and supplies more stable, ensuring product quality and quantity remain within specifications for end consumers.

Gazprom Neft’s Neftekontrol system connects the company’s assets, creating an integrated and cohesive information network making it possible to obtain information on petroleum product quantities and quality at any point in the value chain, at any point in time. Complete transparency means we have been able to further improve reliability in production and delivery — the benefit of which is, already, being felt by clients and customers (particularly under the pandemic) who continue to receive our products in the right volumes and at the right time, to our guaranteed quality standards.
ANATOLY CHERNER Deputy CEO for Logistics, Refining and Sales, Gazprom Neft

The company continuously monitors and maintains the quality of its petroleum products through a suite of tools for assessing and predicting quality metrics at various stages of the process, from production and shipment to transportation and sales.

All fuel supplied to distribution depots from refineries is tested and supported with certification from certified testing laboratories.

Caring about consumer health and safety

Gazprom Neft cares about the health and well-being of our retail and corporate customers.

Safety of retail consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Under the initiative, Gazprom Neft filling stations:

  • installed anti-bacterial at more than 500 Gazprom Neft filling stations;
  • supplied more than 510,000 litres of free gasoline and diesel fuel to ambulances;
  • provided oil changes free of charge to almost 1,000 ambulances;
  • served about 370,000 free coffees to ambulance workers and other first responders;
  • granted a 45-day grace period to corporate customers (OPTI 24 service card holders);
  • supported the regional HQs of the Russia-wide #WeTogether initiative as well as other civil society groups, including by issuing more than 1,600 free fill-up cards worth more than 200,000 litres of fuel from Gazprom Neft filling stations to volunteers giving lifts to doctors amid soaring demand for health services and delivering essential goods to those in need.

Health, safety and environmental standards

Products subject to Technical Regulations (motor gasolines, jet, diesel and bunker fuel, fuel oil, paving bitumen, liquefied petroleum gases) have EAC Declarations confirming compliance with CU and EAEU Technical Regulations. Every batch of products has its compliance with environmental standards verified.

Benzene, sulphur and lead levels in Gazprom Neft motor gasolines and diesel fuels conform to the limits set by the European standards EN 228 and EN 590.

Continuous consumer engagement

Gazprom Neft is committed to building direct, long-term relations with consumers, driven by transparency and mutual respect. As a responsible supplier, Gazprom Neft keeps consumers up-to-date on its available products and services, and is continuously improving its customer query and complaint management process.
Gazprom Neft conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys and continuously makes use of feedback from counterparties, including complaint handling.

Relations with corporate and wholesale customers

The company uses the following channels to reach its corporate and wholesale customers:

  • information and technical support for our products;
  • direct dialogue between management and customers during training and workshops for partners and consumers, meetings and support sessions with authorities, and within industry working groups on the development and implementation of standards;
  • customer-facing activities of account managers at Gazprom Neft offices;
  • published information on corporate websites, customers’ personal accounts, mobile apps and publicly-available online resources;
  • marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • loyalty programmes;
  • Gazprom Neft hotline;
  • direct communication (emails, text messages and push notifications);
  • Gazprom Neft partner network: the OPTI 24 service card processing network, dealers, agents;
  • feedback through social media.

Engagement with retail customers

Gazprom Neft uses a multichannel approach to reach out to retail consumers of its petroleum products, comprising communications at filling stations or in the mobile app, media placement, our official social media accounts (managed by PR), feedback through social media and via the Gazprom Neft retail network’s Integrated Customer Support Centre (ICSC), and face-to-face communication with customers as part of belowthe-line, conventional and digital advertising campaigns.

In 2020 fuel quality campaigns initiated by the company’s motor fuel sales segment had a total reach of over 118 million across a mix of traditional media and social media platforms. The ICSC is a 24/7 multichannel service that leverages various conventional and digital communication tools to enable prompt responses to retail customer queries.

In 2019, Gazprom Neft launched the integrated Quality 360˚ programme in its motor fuel sales segment to drive retail customer perceptions of our fuel quality by coordinating the efforts of PR, Marketing, in-house and external experts, and filling station staff.

“On Our Way!” is one of the largest loyalty programmes in Russia.

In 2020, Gazprom Neft built a fullydigitised customer activation journey to enhance its loyalty programme, eliminating the need for a plastic loyalty card to be purchased at a filling station. Our digital approach has paid off: mobile customers with a virtual card in Gazprom Neft retail network mobile app accounted for 42% of new loyalty programme members in 2020. Customers can now tap an “Invite Friends” option in the mobile app to send an invite link via any messenger app.

By enhancing optionality around point earning and redemption, we increased the share of loyal customers in 2020 to 59% (+2 percentage points vs 2019).

Consumer satisfaction surveys

To assess retail consumer satisfaction with the quality of motor fuel and services, the company conducts regular surveys, studies feedback given via CRM system touch screens at the checkout areas of filling stations, and analyses comments and queries received through its hotline and on social media.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the key metric to measure consumer loyalty to the Gazprom Neft retail network.

According to an Ipsos Comcon survey, the NPS of the company’s filling station network and the whole motor fuel retail market returned to pre-COVID levels seen in the first half of 2018. Our NPS score stands at 58 points (+5 percentage points vs 2019), which is higher than the market average of 49. In 2020, the NPS of the company’s retail network was surpassed by only two international brands, Shell and BP

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has also increased and sits at 86 (+2 percentage points vs 2019).

Improvement of digital products and services

Gazprom Neft is improving its digital products and services for all consumer segments of the motor fuel market, including individual motorists, owners of heavy and light commercial vehicles, taxi fleets, and OPTI 24 service card distributors. While developing these solutions, the company tries to target users as accurately as possible and tailor the experience to them to save time and money for our customers and partners.

2020 saw about 27% of small wholesale transactions made through users’ personal accounts, and 1.8 million tonnes of gasoline and diesel fuel sold through digital channels. The Gazprom Neft retail network mobile app reached 2 million average monthly active users.

Customer personal dataPersonal data: any information relating directly or indirectly to an identified or identifiable individual (data subject). For example, personal data include surnames, given names, passport data, email addresses and telephone numbers. protection

As Gazprom Neft is increasingly focused on digitising customer journeys, it pays great attention to the protection of its customers’ personal data.

Personal data protection policies:

  • Personal data are processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner
  • Access to personal data is only possible on legal grounds, such as personal consent or consent of a legal representative for persons under 14 years of age (for foreign nationals, this age is subject to their local law), the requirements of Russian laws, a contract or other legal documents
  • Personal data are processed only for specific and legitimate purposes stated in advance, and are not used for any other purposes
  • Personal data are gathered in the minimum amount necessary to accomplish the stated objectives
  • Personal data must be accurate, adequate and up-to-date
  • Incomplete or inaccurate personal data are deleted or corrected
  • Personal data are retained only as long as required for processing purposes: they are erased or destroyed either when the processing objectives have been achieved, or become no longer relevant
  • The confidentiality of personal data is ensured by restricting access to authorised employees only, and by other safeguards
  • The company takes necessary, adequate measures to prevent misuse of personal data