Employee development

Third-party assessments regularly list Gazprom Neft among Russia’s top employers, which emphasises the need to foster a unique corporate culture and environment, where employees can fully realise their potential by working toward common goals.

Strategic priority

Deliver on corporate strategic goals by creating a pipeline of highly qualified and engaged talent.


  • Ongoing recruitment and employee rotation programmes
  • Talent pool management, competency development and training
  • Embedding flexible work formats
  • Increasing employees’ productivity and organisational efficiency
  • Developing motivation programmes and building a culture of engagement
  • The company managed to rapidly move up to 70% of its office staff to remote work
  • Turnover down by 3.1 percentage points to 8%
  • Employee costs totalled ₽140 billion
  • Employees took over 173,000 training courses
  • Spending on training programmes totalled ₽1.7 billion

COVID-19 response

  • The Antivirus project team promptly built a system to provide effective assistance to Gazprom Neft’s operating regions and enterprises in their fight against COVID-19

Talent pool

  • Improving the talent management model
  • Adopting a system of analysis and practices of operational and functional management driven by the “right people, right place, right time” value

Enhancing the attractiveness of the employer brand among young people

  • Developing the company’s youth policy and setting up a Young Specialist Council
  • Streamlining recruitment, training and onboarding of young talent

Improving hiring effectiveness

  • Accelerating recruitment through automation and optimisation of the applicant approval processes
  • Developing a solution to target candidates and build relevant recruitment capabilities

Talent pool

  • Streamlining and automating the assessment of employee professional skills
  • Developing an in-house and online training system
Care for our people during the pandemic

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Gazprom Neft started looking for solutions to protect the company offices and operations from the spread of the virus.

Apart from regular employee testing, safe fly-in/fly-out arrangements, and remote work for some employees, the company also developed a digital barrier system: a set of IT products tracking the health of over 150,000 company and partner employees, controlling their access to Gazprom Neft facilities, and arranging medical aid to those who fell ill or had come into contact with the virus.

Care for employees also encompassed a support hotline, consultations with psychologists, the Caring About You channel, and pulse surveys to identify the current needs of employees during lockdown.

One of such digital barriers was the Gradusnik (Thermometer) mobile app. The app is integrated with the company’s medical support system and helps support employees who have fallen ill, all while preventing them from accessing offices and production facilities without first being tested for coronavirus.

Equality and non-discrimination

Gazprom Neft’s HR management system guarantees that employee rights are respected and supports a high level of business ethics while preventing corruption, both within the company and in relations with third parties, avoiding discrimination, and adhering to high social responsibility standards.

The company has a hotline in place to prevent fraud, corruption and other violations of the Corporate Code of Conduct, which can be used by any employee for whistleblowing.