Employee training and development

Gazprom Neft is proceeding with the development of its competency-based continuous training programme. Learning paths are based on employee performance and evaluation of their potential, the selection of promising technologies to be implemented, and the unit manager’s vision of personnel training requirements.

The Gazprom Neft training and development system is open to all employees of the company and its contractors, as well as target groups of prospective employees, namely school and university students.

Average training hours per employee decreased in 2020, as in-person training was halted and some practical training could not be done remotely.

Corporate University

The company’s training function is led by the Corporate University, whose structure consists of faculties subdivided into departments. The university develops training programmes according to demand, monitors the implementation of business development and transformation strategy and creates mechanisms to monitor training results and efficiency

Training hours per employee
Developing a green mindset

The Corporate University launched a comprehensive educational portal where employees can learn about climatic and environmental outlooks and their impact on business, politics and society. The project enables the identification of new business approaches that take care of the environment and encourages a change in participant behaviour through new daily habits that help to preserve the environment.

The professional department development at the Corporate University

In 2020, the company placed considerable emphasis on developing the professional departments at the Corporate University. The key focus areas of the University’s development in 2020 were closer ties with business; the creation of a system for interaction, training and development; codifying internal and external expertise; better definition of the institution’s role and organisational structure; growing its impact on the industry and codifying a system to evaluate the contribution of individual departments to the company’s business.

The Corporate University opened a Digital Transformation Faculty with seven professional departments.

In-house coach development

In 2020, the company developed uniform approaches to the management, development and performance evaluation of coaches, and defined their categories and career path.

A package of online and offline training programmes has been prepared for each category.

Also in 2020, Gazprom Neft created a system to keep records of coaches’ activities on the Knowledge Portal, including the hours spent training and coaching, as well as student coverage and responses to feedback questionnaires. New training programmes developed by coaches are included in standard curriculum templates. The In-house Coach Library was launched on the Knowledge Portal, and each coach’s online account now features a widget with their personal statistics.

in-house coaches
training sessions delivered
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Corporate Knowledge Portal

Expansion of the corporate Knowledge Portal’s functionality continued in 2020. Certificates are now issued automatically upon completion of training, a new service to evaluate and rank training providers based on training participant and organiser feedback has been launched, and data on department activities and employees’ training needs are now collected automatically. The Knowledge Portal’s basic services have been made more mobile friendly.

Key achievements of the Corporate University in 2020

Managers who did not participate in the corporate culture transformation events last year took part in corporate culture workshops in 2020. These efforts aim to create an information space for all company managers, with data on the corporate culture transformation, corporate values and employee engagement management all available. Over 2,000 managers attended Workshop 1.0 in 2020. The programme was shifted online for ease of training. Workshop 1.0 materials were integrated into the new manager onboarding programme.

In 2020, managers started to take training on Workshop 2.0A programme for senior and top management Engaging Leadership Practices. Workshop 2.0 aims to strengthen each manager’s role as an engaging leader and to help them master and regularly practice actions that create an engaging environment. In 2020, Gazprom Neft senior managers took part in Workshop 2.0.

173,000 +
training courses delivered to employees
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new online courses developed
new departments opened
managers trained in Workshop 2.0