Human resources development

In planning its talent management and development, Gazprom Neft aims to become a magnet for world-class talent by creating conditions for each and every person to unlock their potential and implementing a “right people, right place, right time” approach.

  • A talent management model is in place to transition from the use of uncoordinated systems and approaches to using a single cycle and corporate-wide methodologies.
  • The development of personnel onboarding processes is now underway, for example, an onboarding app and chatbots have been developed and launched. These products enable an adaptive modular approach to training, with the adaptation of existing programmes and content to suit different target audiences and the development of modular programmes of varied complexity.
  • An internal recruitment process has been launched to improve the objectivity and transparency of manager appointment. An evaluation procedure was implemented for appointments to 20+ grade level positions, and for 50% of managerial vacancies to be filled through internal promotions. Over 180 newly appointed managers passed the evaluation, improving HR decision quality and promotion transparency.
  • Development of the career portal, a unified information space for career planning and succession for company employees and managers, was continued. This resource helps employees with required skills to be quickly found and to retain skilled personnel within the company perimeter.
  • The League of Professionals cross-functional tournament was held, which is the flagship corporate training project from the Downstream Division and had a viewership of 3,000 employees and in its fourth year. The tournament offers contests for 11 professional areas taking the form of a multifunctional educational solution to a number of challenges for the development of the company’s human capital. This includes professional development, comprehensive employee evaluation, crossfunctional collaboration, best practice sharing and employee recognition.
  • The following information and consulting services have been launched to increase employee awareness of career opportunities within the company:
    • chatbots for career consulting;
    • one-on-one career consulting service, with a fully developed methodology, 80 certified career consultants, 342 career consultations delivered, including 307 by certified in-house career consultants (90% of the total);
    • two career marathons (IT and HR functions) and a Career Day (Upstream Division) have been held.