Talent pool development

The Gazprom Neft approach to talent pool development is to make sure that key positions across the company are filled by building a succession pool, with objective selection and targeted training of its members.

Talent Committee

The Talent Committee is an indispensable element of the succession management system at the company. Committee meetings keep key stakeholders up to date, improve talent pool management and are an effective mechanism for decision-making and follow-up.

Gazprom Neft’s approach to building its talent pool

Succession management at Gazprom Neft is holistic and cyclic, following an annual talent management cycle.

The talent pool building process is integrated with regular corporate employee-evaluation procedures:

  • regular performance evaluation;
  • management by objectives — a tailored goal-setting system;
  • the contribution evaluation commission — contribution evaluation based on employee-driven results;
  • 360° feedback — employee evaluation by their entire working environment: juniors, peers and clients.

Gazprom Neft also builds a managerial talent pool both for top and senior management positions, as well as for other levels of management. All decisions regarding the talent pool are made by the relevant Division, Function, subsidiary or affiliate.

Training digital transformation leaders

The first pilot cycle of the Business Thinking in Digital Reality training programme was completed in 2020. The programme’s purpose is to identify business leaders of digital transformation and build a new communication environment. The Higher School of Economics and Yandex contributed to the programme’s development.

A total of 34 managers from Gazprom Neft and its subsidiaries took part in the programme, which was delivered online over the course of 10 weeks and comprised comprehensive individual and group training sessions. Speakers and trainers included over 30 world-class experts and managers of major Russian companies: Gazprom Neft, ABBYY, Absolut Bank, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), Microsoft, Russian Post, Severstal, SIBUR, VTB Bank, X5 Retail Group and, Yandex. The participants will be presented with continuing education certificates from the Higher School of Economics and certificates from Gazprom Neft Corporate University.

Talent committee meetings held in 2020 for succession planning identified over 2,000 “reservists” for key positions. Individual development plans were created for over 70% of these “reservists” to train them for their target roles.

In 2020, 1,849 employees completed retraining and upskilling programmes at Gazprom Neft partner higher educational institutions (HEIs).