Supply chain management

Gazprom Neft’s priorities in procurement include transparency, prevention of discrimination and the unfair restriction of competition among bidders, and building long-term relationships with contractors.

Gazprom Neft prefers to select suppliers of work, services, materials and equipment on a competitive basis.

The company publishes information on its open competitive procedures for approaching and selecting contractors and engaging with the winners of its bidding procedures on its website in the “Procurement” section.

In 2020, 6,734 potential suppliers participated in our competitive bidding procedures. Contracts were awarded to 2,308 companies from 65 Russian regions and 10 foreign countries (including the CIS), with payments totalling ₽204 billion. Local (domestic) suppliers accounted for 98.87% of total procurement. In 2020, there were no notable changes in the company’s supply chain.

Share of procurement costs across key operating regions of the company Based on results of the competitive selection of materials and equipment suppliers initiated by the company Procurement Directorate and the Materials and Equipment Division of Gazprom Neft Procurement. in 2020 (₽ million)

HSE in supplier management

The company’s standard form of a supply contract outlines the HSE requirements for contractors, including requirements for shipments of hazardous goods, delivery by road, etc.

In addition, corporate HSE standards require compliance with all applicable regulations on industrial safety, environmental safety, occupational health, civil defence and road traffic safety regulations applicable at relevant workplaces.