Technology and innovation

Technological development is a core pillar of Gazprom Neft’s 2030 Strategy. Technology advancements will enable the company to efficiently deliver its large-scale upstream projects and consolidate leadership in strategic areas, including the environmentally safe and reliable operation of equipment.

The company is currently running an Innovative Development Programme. At the core of the programme are technology projects to enhance oil recovery from brownfields, develop hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves, continually improve well productivity, as well as an initiative to develop and produce cat-cracking and hydrogenation catalysts.

The Board of Directors approved the updated Innovative Development Programme in 2020. The focus area list has been significantly expanded by adding digital transformation projects, including cognitive geology, production project management centres, the Asset of the Future programme, integrated planning and operations and reliability management at refining, logistics and sales enterprises.

Technology projects in environmental protection and industrial safety

Key focus areas:

  • minimising non-productive associated petroleum gas flaring;
  • upgrading infrastructure and equipment to improve energy efficiency and prevent leaks;
  • implementing processes to make more environmentally friendly products;
  • effective waste utilisation and preservation of natural ecosystems;
  • reduction of water consumption;
  • environmental footprint monitoring.